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Fully Branded Streaming

evmux is simple, but powerful. Your live-streams will be the envy of the competition. Welcome to the new world of extended reach and an instantly beautiful streaming experience.

Web-based Live Studio

Our easy to use Live Editors enable streamers to seamlessly edit any aspect of the show before the stream, or whilst it’s live!

Recording content?
We have you covered!

Record and download your fully branded content, and split separate audio/video downloads of each participant for seamless post-production editing.

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Creating astonishing virtual experiences for your audience is only one click away.

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Simple Plans Packages

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$ 0 /Mo 0 /Mo
  • Unlimited streaming hours
    No more streaming limits!
  • evmux Pro Scene-Builder
    Create fully customized scenes ahead of time using our easy-to-use drag and drop editor. Whilst broadcasting you can play these pre-made scenes for those smooth transitions to avoid “on the fly” editing
  • 5GB Storage
  • Up to 12 on screen participants
    You can have up to 12 people in the stream, and swap guests on and off stage anytime.
  • Fully-branded overlays and backgrounds
    Create your own custom stream overlays and backgrounds, pictures and/or videos.
  • Backstage mode
    Guests that are “off-stage” can talk to each other freely, without interrupting other guests or displaying to your audience, they can then be pulled “on-stage” at the touch of a button, or with a countdown
  • Push to talk
    Alongside the internal chat, the host can speak to other guests without the audience knowing. Meaning the stream can be fully managed by the host at all times.
  • Full HD (1080P)
    Stream and record in full 1080p HD resolution.
  • Multistream - 5 destinations
    Stream to up to 5 destinations at the same time, we handle the split server-side, so your internet won’t take a hit as you’re still only sending one stream to us!
  • Lower-thirds
    An animated graphic overlay in the title-safe lower area of the screen, showing information or branding.
  • Banners
    Display call to actions and highlighted comments using banners during your streams!
  • Tickers
    Show text at the bottom of your broadcast wherever you need it
  • Integrated chats
    Chat to your participants from any platform you are streaming to. If you require further integrations, please contact us!
  • On-Screen templates
    Use your own enrapturing layouts for your broadcast from other platforms, or create your own!
  • Highlight comments
    Comments arrive from all integrated chats you are streaming to, the host can then highlight these to display them to the audience
  • Virtual background
    Green screens can be replaced with our virtual background!
  • Screen sharing
    The hosts and other guests can share their screen so stream participants can see it in real time.
  • Slideshow
    The host or guests can display a slide deck without the need to share their screen. The slides can be stored in EVMUX and you can continue with the presentation without sharing your entire screen!
  • Custom RTMP
    Broadcast to any platform via RTMP. This includes platforms we don’t integrate directly with.
  • “Powered by evmux” watermark
    In the free package, streams will include the EVMUX logo in the top-right hand corner of all streams
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$ 25 /Mo 19 /Mo billed annually (save $72 vs monthly)
  • Everything in Free and:
  • No “Powered by evmux” watermarks
    Powered by evmux branding is removed for Basic users!
  • Record your content
    Record your audio and video of your beautiful streams. The recording will be available for you to download right after the stream ends.
  • 20GB Storage
  • Teams
    Collaborate with your team members by inviting them easily to evmux.
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$ 49 /Mo 39 /Mo billed annually (save $120 vs monthly)
  • Everything in Basic and:
  • 50GB Storage
  • 2 hosts/producers
    The Pro plan includes adding 1 collaborator to co-host the broadcast with you.
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