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evmux was established in 2011 to deliver beautiful, profitable in-person events anywhere in the world. So far we have worked with large clients including Facebook,Amazon, Google, Salesforce, and more. In early 2019 we developed the evmux platform to allow anyone, anywhere to create the same stunning events themselves over any channel. COVID-19 was a massive shock to the events industry, and completely displaced live events. Now, every event is either completely virtual or hybrid. They are still a major marketing channel and are the best way for people to connect with new and existing customers. We were ahead of that wave, and have the knowledge and experience to help you through this shock and turn this disruption to your advantage.

The Team

evmux is led by a young and innovative team, composed of seasoned operators in the fields of event organization, production and marketing. Combine this with a strong base of vibrant high-tech professionals, designers, and the result is a record-breaking technology that provides professional organizers with the tools they really need to tackle the challenge of producing a virtual event.

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